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Create your dream home structure with home remodelling. A house remodel allows you to fully customize your home to your unique style and needs. Whether you want a small and straightforward one-room wall shift, or a full home makeover, a remodelled home will benefit both the structure as well as your lifestyle.

At Constructo, we specialise in stress-free remodelling! We can simplify and complete the entire home for you. At Constructo we can complete large and small home building projects right across New Zealand. We work with you from the preliminary design stage right through to a high-quality finished project. We pride ourselves on providing homeowners across New Zealand with smart solutions for their home building changes. There are a lot of steps and a lot of planning that goes into remodelling. Our team of experts will sit down and discuss your ideas, expectations, and budget before we start work. We do not cut corners and we’ll give you honest guidance about the impact of your choices.


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Indicative Price for Remodelling Services

Indicative Pricing for Remodelling is $1700 per square metre which includes master builder, all trade labour, all materials and supplies and project management. Contact us today.


Is your kitchen no longer working for you? More-so than any other room in the house, the kitchen needs to be useful and functional. Whatever your requirements for your new kitchen are, we can remodel and install the right kitchen for you that will meet your specific requirements and style. We will work with you to create a kitchen that contains features and qualities that you will love and can enjoy for many years to come. It’s no surprise that kitchens remain the most popular room in the house to remodel. At Constructo we will deliver a satisfying and hassle-free kitchen remodelling experience.


Need a bathroom revamp? A remodelled bathroom adds value to your home by creating more space for your bathroom. A remodelled space can modernise the style of your bathroom style, and makes it better tailored to your needs. A full bathroom renovation can include a toilet, shower, vanity, lights, mirrors, cabinets, towel rails, a ventilation fan, painting, tiling and more. We will work with you to create a bathroom design that will suit all your requirements for features, storage, lighting, heating and décor. With a bathroom remodel you can create a deluxe and relaxing space to unwind in at the end of the day.


Living areas are the most used spaces in a home because of the multitude of functions it has to fulfil. It’s where we relax, play games, and socialize. A living room needs to be able to transform itself into anything we need it to be. A living room remodel is a fantastic opportunity to reconsider and redesign the central space of your home so it fits your actual needs, as opposed to how the original design thought it might be used. Remodelling your living room will give you enough space to feel comfortable which will increase your quality of life.


Does your home feel cramped or outdated? A complete home remodel can be daunting, to say the least, but at Constructo we can streamline the whole process, so you won’t have to worry about a thing! Old-fashioned houses often have small, closed-off rooms. A home remodel can open up these rooms into spacious flowing spaces and introduce open-plan living areas. Cabinets, appliances and fixtures can be modernised and updated to suit the aesthetic requirements of your design style. No matter how big or small your home remodelling is, we’ll make a commitment to you to deliver on time and to budget.

A home remodel, when done correctly, can add significant value to your home. A bathroom remodel, a kitchen upgrade, a room expansion, or other new features can greatly enhance the overall value of your home. If you are thinking about selling your property any time soon, a remodel can make the property much more desirable and valuable to potential buyers. Even if you are not planning on moving anytime soon, it is also pertinent to maintain your home’s resale value. At Constructo, we will guide you through any of your planned renovations and can help you identify the most valuable changes to make in your home.

Over time, as families grow your home can become cramped, resulting in the space feeling confined, old, and impractical. At Constructo, our team of professional home renovators are experienced in flexible home renovation services across New Zealand. We know what it takes to turn confined and cluttered spaces to spacious interiors that will maximise areas. From carefully choosing a colour scheme to make your home feel more spacious, to completely changing the interior layout, through to updating the window placement draw in more natural light. We will highlight your home’s fantastic features, while at the same time reducing flaws.

Did you know that a home remodel can reduce your maintenance and utility costs? With updated fixtures and finishes work more efficiently than outdated models, saving you money. When the temperatures drop during a chilly winter, you’d hate to think that you are leaking heat from your home due to inadequate insulation or gaps in old doors and windows. During your home remodelling, you can have more energy-efficient windows installed, upgrade the insulation, and eliminate drafts and other leaks.

If you are looking to remodel your home and don’t quite know where to start, give our friendly and expert team a call today. Whether you’re intending to live in your home for the foreseeable future or wanting to put it on the market, you should seek out specialist help in order to considerably increase the livability and value of your home. Our qualified professional home remodelling team is here to help you create the home of your dreams. Our team can answer all your questions and streamline the entire remodelling process.


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