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Re-roofing your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance the look and improve the value of your home.

Renovate and upgrade your old or damaged roof with a roof replacement from Constructo. We offer metal roof replacement, asphalt shingle roof replacement, and clay tile roof replacement. We provide the complete roof replacement package for both residential and commercial properties. We can also do other new roof installations of other materials like wood, shingles or slate.

Our roofing experts will explain everything that’s involved in the roof replacement process and will keep you informed throughout the entire planning and construction process. We can assist you in selecting the best options that will fit with your budget, materials, and design. With Constructo on your side, you will have the peace of mind that your roof will look fantastic and will stand the test of time. We work hard to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the results.


The typical cost of a new roof can create anxiety around getting a new roof. This depends on the type of roofing material you want to use, the state of the existing roof, the time needed for the installation process and other factors. At Constructo we can provide a free, accurate quote for your re-roofing project.

You can tell a lot just by looking at your roof however, if you can see issues on the outside or suspect internal roof damage, it is highly recommended that you have it professionally inspected. At Constructo we are reliable, reputable, qualified roofing professionals in that can advise you on the best solution for your roofing needs.

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Roofs in New Zealand, especially older ones, are prone to damage from high winds, wild storms and heavy rain. Over time, even a small leak on the roof may develop into a larger problem. A roof replacement from Constructo will give you better protection against the elements.

The roof is one of the places to show wear and tear as a home grows older. A roof on a home is the main barrier between your home and the elements. Re-roofing can save a lot of time and expense in the long-run, as well as make your home look noticeably better.

Planning to sell? Re-roofing is a great way to add value to your home. For potential buyers, the roof is one of the most noticeable features when they first look at your home. If a leaking, broken, sagging, leaking or missing shingles, is the first thing that your potential buyer sees, it will scare off from purchasing your home because the buyer doesn’t want to have to deal with the hassle. The condition of your roof can tell a buyer a lot about the state of the rest of your home. So why not make a good first impression with crisp and clean new roof.

A new roof can improve your home energy efficiency. Gaps, cracks, and holes in your roof can lead to considerable energy loss. To sustain a comfortable living situation, your cooling and heating systems might need to work overtime, driving up those power bills.  At Constructo, we provide energy-efficient roofs to keep your home cozy and comfortable even under cold and wet Auckland nights.

If you’re looking to update your roof on that old villa or bungalow, we use all the latest in roofing techniques and modern materials so that your new roof will be far more energy-efficient.

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If you see any of these signs. You should consider getting a specialist in to assess the damage and consider the possibility of needing to replace of your roof.

Step outside and take a good look at your roof, the top of your roof must follow a straight line all along the ridge. If there is any sagging, that is a warning sign that there could be significant structural damage in your roof. Roof sagging may cause your roof to partially or fully collapse if not detected and corrected early. Roof sagging can be the result of continual exposure to water, inadequate installation or poor roofing materials.

Rotting underlay
Roof underlay and tiles work together to keep water out of your home. However, if there is a tear in the underlay, water may seep through. This a type of problem that you won’t be able to see from the outside. Even the tiniest tear can grow in size, and you might not even notice until there is an issue. A rotting underlay can severely weaken the foundation of your roof and compromise it’s safety.

Missing Granules
Over time, weather can trigger the roof shingles to lose granules, causing them to appear patchy in spots. Poor-quality shingles or badly installed shingles may lose granules more rapidly than normal. Granules are what provides your roof with it’s distinctive colour, but they also provide a plethora of reflectivity and protection from the heat of the sun. You may need to consider a roof replacement if granules are missing from the shingles.

Your Roof is 35 years or older
If your roof is over 35 years old, it would be wise to get a professional examination inspection to get an accurate understanding of the state and quality of your roof. Even if everything looks okay on the outside, there may be issues hidden on the inside. For example, leaks can take years to bleed through to the interior and by that time, damage may have been done.

Broken and Curled Shingles
A roof that has broken or missing shingles is one of the clearest signs that the roof may need to be replaced. A roof in this condition will not be giving sufficient protection and can cause leaks. If the edges of the shingles are curling, that is a s sign that the shingles are wearing out. Weather conditions and algae can cause the edges to curl and form wide gaps in between shingles where they should meet. Shingles can curl in two ways. Cupping is when the edges of the shingles turn upward; and there’s clawing, which is where the middle starts to rise up.

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