Whether you’re moving into a new home or renovating, the right flooring makes a house feel like a home. At Constructo we have a comprehensive variety of flooring solutions tailored to your wants and needs. From carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate and concrete flooring we can professionally install new flooring in your home. A new floor can breathe new life into your home.

When deciding on what type of flooring is right for your home, first think of what room the new flooring will be going into. If it is a high traffic area with lots of people coming and going, try something like hardwood floors or tiles as they are easy to clean. If you plan to spend a lot of time standing in that area you might want to consider something softer underfoot like plush carpet.


No matter the room, hardwood floors always look good! Timelessly beautiful it can be made from many kinds of wood, such as timber, oak, and maple to more exotic varieties such as Brazilian cherry or purpleheart. Hardwood is also very long-lasting, and it can be refinished up to five times to remove any surface scratches. Hardwood floors can add to the home value and are also a favourite of buyers if you are planning on selling your home at a later date. Hardwood flooring is ideal for spaces that do not get heaps of daily foot traffic, such as living rooms, halls, and bedrooms.

Engineered Wood
Engineered hardwood combines a top layer of authentic hardwood with several layers of ply plank that run in different directions beneath. The benefit of this is that this type of flooring looks like solid hardwood but have better resistance to moisture. Engineered hardwood is an excellent alternative in areas of your home where you might be worried about genuine hardwood warping due to elevated humidity levels. Additionally, engineered hardwood floors are less expensive than solid wood, however, unlike hardwood, they can’t be sanded down or refinished as frequently because of the thin top veneer. Conversely, you can add high-quality coatings to engineered wood floors making them quite resistant to wear and tear.

Laminate Flooring
If you love the look of hardwood, but just can’t justify the cost into your budget, laminate flooring great option. Similar in design to engineered wood floors, laminate flooring features a top layer that’s been finished and mounted over levels of plywood or condensed fibre. The difference is that laminate doesn’t have a real wood top layer. In its place, is an image of gorgeous finishes like wood, stained concrete, stone or ceramic tile, that’s covered in a plastic coating. It is both stable and durable.

Vinyl fantastic choice for wet areas like bathroom, laundries, and kitchens because it’s water-resistant and very easy to keep clean. Perfect for high traffic parts of the home, vinyl is treated to be scuff, scratch, and stain-resistant. Coming in a variety of unique designs and patterns it is an affordable way to experiment with bold and fresh design choices.

Tiles remains a popular choice and for good reason, as tiles are one of the most durable and hard flooring choices being to be able to withstand most types of wear and tear. Ideal for indoor to outdoor environments, tiles allows you to retain a consistent look across your home, maintaining that perfect indoor/outdoor flow. Ceramic and porcelain are the most common types of floor tiles. Porcelain tiles are denser and more water-resistant. Ceramic tiles have a glass-like coating that can give the tile almost any style and is practically maintenance-free.

Carpet is a versatile flooring choice for bedrooms and living rooms and is available in a large variety of colours, textures, and materials. Carpet adds a touch of lush luxury because it feels soft and warm underfoot. It also provides sound insulation and is slip-resistant. Here is a tip, to figure the quality of the carpet, seek out the fibre density count. The more fibres it has per square inch, the more resilient the carpet will be.

Those looking for an eco-friendly option for their flooring should seriously consider Bamboo flooring. Bamboo is an easily renewable resource with some species being able to grow 70 feet high in less than 60 days. Bamboo has a similar stained finish to wood but is more moisture-resistant than traditional wooden flooring choices. Did you know that bamboo has a tensile strength greater than steel? So you won’t have to worry about its durability. It’s also simple to maintain and it’s easy to refinish.

Different flooring materials require different upkeep and maintenance. So when selecting the type of flooring you want think about your lifestyle and how much time you want to spend maintaining your new floors. Carpeting only needs vacuuming once a week to keep it looking good, but something like laminate floors will need more regular sweeping to keep it pristine. Also factor in things like refinishing and steaming into your decision.

Do you want the added luxury of underfloor heating? Underfloor heating can be used to heat up most hard flooring types and is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. Under carpet heating is a great choice for bedrooms and living areas. However not all flooring options are compatible with subfloor heating. Our flooring experts can advise the best options for you.

If someone in your home has allergies you might want to skip on the carpet. Carpet can accumulate allergens like dust, dirt pet dander and other allergens. Tile and hardwood flooring collects fewer allergens as they have a much tougher time sticking to smooth surfaces, as opposed to carpet fibres.

If you need professional flooring advice or are looking for a stress-free floor renovation from an installer you can trust, contact us at Constructo. Our experienced and skilled team are specialists in residential and commercial flooring solutions. We offer you a complete flooring solution with uncompromising quality and value.

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