Our extensive team of experienced Electricians bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to any job. Providing the best possible service to all of our customers is our number one priority. This includes making sure you stay informed of the work we are doing and when we will have it finished. We understand time and budget, no matter how large or small is important to be transparent with you about. 

Our tradesmen are Licensed and Registered and hold to a high standard of health and safety practices. In order to maintain their license and registration, our electricians regularly attend training to stay up to day with important changes to legislation, technologies and best practices in the industry. You can be assured that the recommendations of our electricians can be trusted and the work that will be carried out is at the highest quality.


We can help with any electrical need around your property. Common jobs our Electricians are called out for are:

  • Design & installation of wiring for new houses
  • Rewiring for older houses
  • Upgrades and changes during renovations
  • Installation of large home appliances
  • Installation & maintenance of heating and cooling systems
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Fuse box repairs / Switchboard maintenance and upgrades
  • Additional powerpoints & light switches
  • Testing of electrical equipment
  • Installation of Security Lighting
  • Hot Water Systems – Repairs and Installations
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Porcelain fuses for older style houses
  • And other general electrical services
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We understand how important it is to have an accurate quote on costs when you are considering a renovation. So we aim for have a quote for you same day wherever possible. If an expert is needed to do an on-site evaluation, we will work with you to make the whole process simple.



Electrical standards and technology has improved dramatically in modern times. Your switchboard may not be giving you the best visibility or control of the electrical system in your home. Smart meters and displays, if installed correctly, can give you visibility of where the power is being used in your house so you can act to reduce. 

Did you know older switchboards often contained asbestos? Most of the time this will not affect you but if the asbestos panels are accidentally damaged then you could be exposed to the harmful effects of asbestos. In addition, if in future you need remedial work done on your switchboard, your may need to pay an unanticipated cost to remove the asbestos first. Better to be prepared, avoid the risk and upgrade your switchboard sooner rather than later. 

Modern switchboards do away with needing to replace fuses and instead use Circuit Breaker. Circuit breakers are much more sensitive to fluctuating currents in your home and act to prevent the damage to your most important electronics. Circuit breakers are also reusable – not requiring the replacement of a fuse whenever unexpected current hits your system.


For older homes especially, it is a good idea to have a preventative electrical maintenance schedule in place to reduce the risk to your property. Our electricians check the condition of the wiring in your home and can address any issues before they become a safety risk to those in the property. By catching problems early, we can also prevent much more costly repairs in the future. Call us today to discuss how to lower the electrical risks in your home.

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There are some simple and easy ways our electricians can help you manage your power bill. By either limiting the amount of power used in the first place or by making your existing appliance run more efficiently, our electricians can help you out. Here are some ideas of what could help you.

Change to energy efficient light bulbs

Our electricians can help you change the compatibility of your lighting to be able to use extremely energy efficient lighting. For example, Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFL’s) use somewhere around 70-90% less energy than regular incandescent lightbulbs and last more than 10 times longer than regular lightbulbs. Even better, is that new lighting technology means a significant reduction in the amount of heat produced by the lights so your air conditioning works less hard – saving you even more power.

Installing timers on high energy users

It may seem like such a simple thing to do but so many people don’t do it. Timers can be set on most things electrical. For instance, set a timer on your heated towel rack so you always have warm, dry towels when you want them but the rack can turn itself off for most of the day when it’s not required. Same for outdoor security lighting, timers or sensors can be installed to make sure your lighting is on when you need it but turns off during the day when it’s not needed.

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