Home appliances use a lot of power in most instances and require a licensed and trained technician to install. Our electricians are qualified installers or almost all types of appliances. We recommend you use a licensed electrician for both safety reasons and warranty reasons.


Safety is the most important reason appliances are not DIY jobs. The amount of power large appliances need to use is much more than regular appliances that can be plugged into the wall. This means that either the appliance will need a special outlet installed that provides the right amount of power or will need need to be wired directly into the property’s electrical system. Every appliance has a best practice way of installation and our electricians have the knowledge to determine what that is. 


The warranty on most appliances stipulates a need to be installed by a licensed electrician in order to stay compliant to the terms and conditions of the warranty. This is for several reasons. If not installed correctly an appliance could be a fire hazard to the property which impacts the safety of all those who use the property. Secondly, if not installed correctly, the appliance may experience fluctuations in power that could damage the internal wiring and circuit boards, causing appliances to malfunction and in some cases, stop working altogether. Our electricians can provide you with certifications that will cover you in case you need to make a warranty claim. 



We understand how important it is to have an accurate quote on costs when you are considering a renovation. So we aim for have a quote for you same day wherever possible. If an expert is needed to do an on-site evaluation, we will work with you to make the whole process simple.